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All of the IPTV services we reviewed provided rock-solid transmission performance and reliability. There are two main factors to consider when trying to determine which one is best for you:
Content: choose the service that provides what you are looking for. Are you primarily looking for live TV content? Is video on demand important to you? Make sure all your favorite TV shows and sports are covered properly.
Price: Once you've narrowed down your list of potential services, decide how much you're willing to spend. Decide if the more expensive providers have any additional content or benefits that you may find interesting. Also, use free trials when available.
Setting up an IPTV service can be a bit tricky, and you could run into compatibility issues if you're not careful. We definitely recommend using a Formuler Z8 to connect to your streaming content to avoid any issues.
IPTV Express ( is available on the boxes of the various operators, but also in a completely free subscription formula like Netflix. OCS can also be found on Xbox One or PS4 as well as on Android TV boxes.
Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney +, IPTV Express is not subject to the same media timeline rules. There are therefore recent films, even very recent (6 to 8 months after their theatrical release, like Canal +).
The great strength of Streams for Us ( is its partnership with HBO, the great American studio that has the best series of the moment. Among them, Game of Thrones of course, but also Black Sails or the masterful Westworld. As a bonus, OCS won the broadcast rights to The Walking Dead.
The partnership with the various studios allows Top Dog IPTV ( to broadcast these series almost simultaneously in the United States. This is the famous US + 24. 24 hours after the broadcast in the United States, the program is available on Top Dog IPTV in VO or VOST. In the case of an iconic series like Game of Thrones, the broadcast was even immediate: no delay, Top Dog IPTV broadcast the last and final season 8 at the same time as the United States.
Over time, these advantages will weigh more and more on the competition. Orange has indeed succeeded in negotiating an exclusive partnership on all HBO programs. To watch Game of Thrones or Westworld for example the only legal platform to broadcast them will be OCS. Nice shot. It remains to be seen whether HBO and OCS will be successful in the long term in adapting to the success of their programs.
The first episode of Game of Thrones season 7, for example, had a chaotic debut on OCS and HBO, the two platforms not being prepared for record crowds.
IPTV Hut ( is available on smartphone, tablet, PC or directly on internet boxes, Android TV, Xbox One or PS4. Be careful, however: for some platforms, it is only possible to access the service by paying the most expensive plan.
No 4K on the IPTV Hut program, but the possibility of viewing on several screens at the same time is there. Up to three screens in addition to the TV. Another advantage: OCS Go allows access to an offline mode not only on mobile, but also on computer. You download the videos to your machine to watch them later.
KS Hosting ( interface is neat, the service is not always very stable. We have often had to contact customer service for bugs preventing us from accessing our programs. Too bad, even if the customer service is fast and efficient. Finally, on the audio side, KS Hosting does not support 5.1.
The only solution if you do not want to be satisfied with broadcasting in stereo: use a subscription to Prime Video, which indeed offers to broadcast KS Hosting content in 5.1. It's a bit tricky, but it works.
Ping IPTV ( offers various options for accessing IPTV. What differentiates the offers is the availability of the service directly on TV via Cast, or even directly from an operator's box. The quality of films and series, regular renewal of the catalog, The partnership with HBO, US + 24 broadcast, Offline mode also available on PC, Available on all media (TV, mobile, tablet, consoles, Android TV)
To use Bomba TV (, you can use the Stalker middleware compatible set-top box, an Android box to stream directly using your custom APK, or using one of the many IPTV apps to access channels through your m3u. A really nice addition is the built-in url shortener to make the m3u url shorter and easier to enter in an android box using a remote control. Last but not least, I was impressed by your support that responded quickly to my requests. There is also a knowledge base that presents setup guides for most hardware and software.
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